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A Day of Φιλο-ΣοΦια (Philo-Sophia): Friendship and Philosophical Discussion

2011-11-30 09:00

A Day of Φιλο-ΣοΦια (Philo-Sophia): Friendship and Philosophical Discussion
Murdoch University

In order to encourage students' participation in the Colloquium, we will invite students to think about questions related to the themes of the Colloquium, write them down and put them into a question box. At the conclusion of the Colloquium, Panel members will address individual questions and discuss them with the audience.

Murdoch University
Hill Lecture Theatre: 9.00 - 17.00
30 November, 2011

The Murdoch Philosophy, in conjunction with the Krishna Somers Foundation for Diaspora Studies, the Murdoch School of Social Sciences and Humanities, Faculty of Arts, Education and Creative Media, are proud to host the Philosophy Colloquium in 2011.

The Colloquium will be held at Murdoch University on Wednesday, 30 November and is open to academics, undergraduate and postgraduate students. Papers are refereed, and a certificate will be awarded for the best student paper.

Our goal is to provide a forum for the vital exchange of ideas in a supportive, collegial atmosphere, as well as to foster ties between Western Australian philosophy departments, staff and students. It is our hope that this year we can continue to build upon the achievements of previous Colloquia by engaging in an ongoing philosophical conversation within the wider philosophy community.