Return packages from your doorstep with WAAPIS.

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about the WAAPIS app

Online return have never been this easy.

  • Schedule a WAAPIS pickup with our easy-to-use app.
  • Prepare your packages, place in front of your door, and let WAAPIS do the rest.
  • Get notified when your packages are picked up and dropped off USPS/UPS/FedEx.


Package ID is the unique ID assigned to every package. It is very important for you to clearly write package ID on each package else the package will get lost.

Pickup request can be cancelled only before a driver accepts your request. After driver has accepted, request cannot be cancelled and you will be charged even if package is not placed outside.

Neither your name nor any other personal information will be visible to the driver. Driver can contact you only via in app chat service.

Once driver is on the way to pickup your package, you can chat with the driver via in app chat service.

We conduct thorough background checks for every driver to make sure that your packages are in safe hands.

App will show pickup and drop-off status for each package. If tracking # is not provided, app will ask you to provide package drop-off confirmation before releasing payment to the driver.

If you could not confirm package drop-off, app administrator will try to track the package. If package can still not be tracked, app will not charge you for that entire pickup request and the payment to the driver will also be blocked.

After registering as driver in the app, we will run background check via 3rd party. If background check is successful, we will notify you via email after which you can participate as driver.

We ask an independent 3rd party service to run background check for every driver. Driver needs to provide brief personal information online to the background check service provider via a link sent to driver’s email. The app itself will not have any access to driver’s SSN to maintain privacy.

Pickup ID is a unique ID assigned to a pickup request. It shows app generated customer ID and return courier associated with the pickup request

Package ID is written on every package by the customer and is generated using Pickup ID. Driver uses package ID to access all the information about a package including return QR code.

Yes, All packages must be picked and dropped within the time window selected by the driver otherwise app can block the driver from future trips.

Driver can contact a customer via in app chat service after starting a pickup trip.

You can cancel or edit pickup trip. However, doing so may have a negative impact on your rating. To cancel or edit a pickup trip, click on the Edit Current Pickup Trip option.

If customer does not provide a package, driver can mark the status of that package as Not Available and driver will still be paid. However, driver can be blocked from future trips if the driver falsely marks an available package as not available for pickup.

In order to be paid, a driver must drop-off all the available packages in a pickup trip. If app could not verify drop-off for any package in a pickup trip, driver will not be paid anything for that entire pickup trip.

You will be paid in approximately 24hours once app has verified drop-off for all the packages in a pickup trip.

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Terms and Conditions For Customer

  • Customer must not request pickup for fragile items which risk getting damaged during normal package handling and drop off. App will not be liable for any damage whatsoever to the item during normal package handling.
  • Customer must not request pickup of any hazardous and flammable items such as chemicals, gases, toxic material etc.
  • Each package must be packed, driver will not pack any package. If printed label is used as Return Method, the label must be pasted on the box by the customer, any previous label must be removed.
  • Customer must provide all the packages to the driver which are part of customer’s pickup request. If any package is not provided at the time of pickup, customer will still be charged for that package.
  • Waapis app only provides a platform for customers to request at home package return at customer’s own discretion. Waapis is not responsible in any way whatsoever for lost or damaged package. We however run comprehensive background check of every driver and can also block driver from future participation if a package is lost.

Terms and Conditions For Driver

  • Drivers must agree that they are not employee of WAAPIS (Company) and the Company neither today nor in future is required to pay them any other compensation besides what drivers earn in each trip as shown in the app.
  • Anytime during the trip including but not limited to during package handling or driving to customer or drop-off location, company is not liable to cover any or all expenses related to injury and/or accident, whether physical, emotional, mental, material or otherwise, incurred during such a trip. Participation in the pickup and drop-off service is strictly voluntary.
  • Drivers must pickup and drop-off all available packages in a pickup trip within the selected time window. If the app or the customer could not verify drop-off for any package, driver payment for that entire trip will be blocked with the possibility of permanent suspension of driver’s account.
  • Drivers must verify from the package photos that customer has marked package ID on each package before picking up the packages. Without package ID, driver will not be able to access information for that package including return courier and QR code. If any package is missing package ID, driver should delete that pickup request from the pickup trip before starting the trip.
  • Drivers must pickup all the available packages from a customer location which are part of the customer’s pickup request as shown in the app. Driver will not be paid any money if any available package is accidently or otherwise left behind.
  • Driver must ensure that no package is left behind in driver’s car and all packages must be dropped-off at the selected courier within the selected time window. Driver will not be paid any money if any package is accidently or otherwise left behind.

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